To make UMT as graduate centre of choice in producing competent and innovative graduate.



To implementing systematic, efficient and effective graduate studies management to produce quality postgraduate programs and meet the needs of stakeholders.


Before 2002

The establishment of the Centre for Graduate Studies began operating as a unit under the Rector's Office


The University Board of Management has agreed for Postgraduate Management Division to be operated separately from the Registrar's Office.

Beginning September 2002

Centre for Graduate Studies has been operating as a standalone Centre under the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971.

October 2015

Centre for Postgraduate Studies was
re-established to manage postgraduate students by maintaining existing functions at the school and institute.

Beginning September 2002

The Centre was established to ensure that the management of graduate studies at UMT was coordinated and implemented efficiently and effectively.

Beginning 2016

The name of Centre for Postgraduate Studies was upgraded to Postgraduate Management Centre.


The name of Centre for Graduate Studies was upgraded to Graduate School.

August 2019

Centre For Academic Management and Quality was established to Manage academic affairs consist of academic development and quality, and academic management of undergraduate and postgraduate programme


The function of Graduate School was reduced and placed under the Registrar's Office with the name of Postgraduate Management Division.

October 2021

The university board of management had agreed for Academic Division (Postgraduate), Centre for Academic Management and Quality to be operated separately as Postgraduate Management Centre.


Some of the key functions of postgraduate management such as status exchanges and examinations are transferred to the school and institute.