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Welcome Message From The Director

I would like to welcome all of you to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.  Postgraduate studies and education in UMT has gone through many developments and changes, initially established since 2001 as an Out-campus Programme Unit and centralised Graduate School, until recently become Postgraduate Section, Centre for Academic Management and Quality. Since 2003, we have produced more than 1100 doctoral and masters’ graduates. As of 2019, we have 18 field of studies by research consisted of 46 sub fields and 314 specializations and 11 taught courses programme which focuses on our niche area i.e. Ocean and Aquatic Resource. These programmes are being offered by six Faculties and four Centres of Research Excellence. In order to encourage excellence graduates, UMT is offering two prestigious scholarships annually i.e. Tuanku Canselor Scholarship (BTC) and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Scholarship (BUMT).

I am pleased to inform that the current enrolment of postgraduate students as of October 2019 stands at 1236 and our target enrolment until 2020 is 2000. Therefore, on behalf of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, I would like to offer potential candidates to enhance and upgrade your knowledge at UMT. I am hoping you will enjoy browsing through the website by choosing your field of interest and finally make your decision to come to us to achieve your dreams. I borrow the words from Umar ibnu  Khattab (R.A) – “Acquire Knowledge before you become leaders and pride prevents you from learning and you live in ignorance. This is to engage you from lifelong learning for you to become good leaders and move away from ignorance.”

Finally, I wish you the very best and hoping you will continue to achieve excellence in your future endeavours.


Prof. Dr. Hamdan bin Suhaimi
Centre for Academic Management and Quality.