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Introduction ,Objective and Functions



The Postgraduate Management Centre of UMT, headed by a Director, reports to the Vice Chancellor and serves as a secretariat for the University Graduate Studies Committee. In addition, the Postgraduate Management Centre consists of assistant registrar with specific job functions as well as supporting staff. Academic staff includes heads of programme and academic school members drawn from other UMT schools.

Postgraduate Management Centre was officially established on 2002 and has produced more than 100 graduates. The diversity of MSc and PhD graduate programmes are offered. Currently there are more than 38 fields of research carried out by the school members from seven (7) research clusters and five coursework programmes.

The prime responsibility of the Postgraduate Management Centre is to provide services and assistance in furthering the graduate studies capability of the University. The office has the responsibility for ensuring that approved university policies and procedures in graduate studies.

Postgraduate Management Centre has more than 100 school members dedicated to research, teaching and supervision. Postgraduate Management Centre encourages innovative teaching practice to meet academic and professional needs of its students via the generation of excellent academic and research programs towards the development of individuals who will ensure the sustainability of environment, community and the nation.

We foster an environment that ensure students, supervisors, lecturers and the affiliated are provided with efficient support services relating to research administration, and are up-to-date information.

Since its establishment in 2002, UMT has undergone a significant transformation from a new and unknown university college to a successful public institution of higher learning offering numerous undergraduate and postgraduate studies programmes as well as making waves in research and innovation.

 Main Objectives and Functions

  • To set up policies, rules and regulations for graduate studies at UMT
  • To regulate and administer learning activities and coordinate students affairs
  • To strengthen and compliment graduate research by offering postgraduate programmes which are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature
  • To provide a conducive environment for graduate education at UMT
  • To administer postgraduate scholarships/research assistantships