UMT/B/PG/01 – Application for Postgraduate Admission

*Applicants can apply online at Only online application will be processed.

UMT/B/PG/02 – Referee’s Report

UMT/B/PG/03 – Registration Checklist (New Student)

PG-03a – Registration of the First Semester

PG-03b – Registration of the Second and Subsequent Semesters

UMT/B/PG/04 – Adding/Dropping Courses

UMT/B/PG/05 – Application For Change Of School / Programme Structure / Field Of Study / Research Title

*Students can apply online through student portal.

PG-05a – Application for Reconstitution of Postgraduate Supervisory

*Students can apply online through student portal.

UMT/B/PG/06 – Application for Conversion from M.Sc to Ph.D.

UMT/B/PG/07 – Application for Deferment of Study

*Students can apply online through student portal.

UMT/B/PG/08 – Appeal for Course Grade/Progress Report Review

UMT/B/PG/09 – Appeal Against Termination

UMT/B/PG/10 – Postgraduate Research Progress Report

*To be filled by the supervisor

PG-10a – Candidature Assessment (Research Proposal)

PG-10b – Candidature Assessment (Research Progress)

PG-10c – Candidature Assessment Evaluation Report

UMT/B/PG/11 – Notice of Thesis Submission

*Students can apply online through student portal.

UMT/B/PG/12 – Submission of Thesis for Examination

*Students can apply online through student portal.

UMT/B/PG/13 – Thesis Examination Report

UMT/B/PG/14 – Chair’s Report

UMT/B/PG/15 – Decision of Thesis Examination Committee

UMT/B/PG/16 – Endorsement of Thesis Correction

UMT/B/PG/17 – Final Thesis Submission

UMT/B/PG/18 – Collection of Academic Transcript

PG-23K – Application for Funds to Attend Seminar / Conferences

PG-1-8 – Postgraduate Student Confirmation Form

*Students can print Postgraduate Confirmation Statement from student portal.


Biasiswa Tuanku Canselor (BTC)

UMT B PG-01K Permohonan Biasiswa Tuanku Canselor (BTC).doc

Biasiswa Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (BUMT)

UMT B PG – 02K Permohonan Biasiswa Universiti Malaysia Terengganu BUMT.doc

UMT B PG-03K Laporan Kemajuan Penyelidikan Pascasiswazah Tajaan UMT.doc

Postgraduate Student Incentive Scheme (PSIS)

UMTB PG-04K Permohonan Postgraduate Student Incentive Scheme (PSIS) English Version.doc

UMT B PG-04K – Permohonan Insentif Pascasiswazah (PSIS) Bahasa Melayu.doc

UMT B PG-05K Laporan Penerbitan Artikel Jurnal (PSIS).doc