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  1. How do I pay for my processing fee? Any payment outside Malaysia can be made either using Telegraph Transfer. For further information on tuition fees, please go to Tuition Fee.
  2. Why should I choose UMT as a place to further my graduate studies? UMT provides education of the highest quality and a vibrant environment for learning that ensures development at the cognitive, technical and affective levels, placing special attention to enhancement of soft skills or generic student attributes. UMT campus is also equipped with a wide range of supporting learning facilities. The quality graduate education offered by UMT is reflected by the increase in number of international students each year. This year, they constitute about 15 percent of the total postgraduate enrolment.


  1. Are UMT postgraduate programmes registered in the MQR? Yes, all UMT postgraduate programmes are accredited and registered in the MQR. For further details, please visit: http://www2.mqa.gov.my/mqr/
  2. Can a Masters student convert his study programme to PhD? A Master’s student who excels in his study can apply for a conversion to PhD programme after 2 semesters.
  3. I intend to submit my thesis soon. What is the first thing I need to do? Submits PG-16 – Notice of Thesis Submission online form, Table of Content of the thesis and Sponsor letter / Payment slip of Thesis Examination Fee at least 3 months before thesis submission.
  4. When should I apply for Notification of thesis submission? Fill the PG-17 – Submission of Thesis for Examination online form after approval of nomination of Thesis Examination Committee by the schools/institutes. Students must submit the form again if the validity has expired.
  5. How long will my VIVA-VOCE take place after I have submitted my thesis for examination? Tentatively your VIVA-VOCE will be scheduled four (4) to eight (8) weeks upon submission. The confirmed date will be subject to the availability of the Thesis Examination Committee.
  6. After the VIVA-VOCE, how long will I be given to do the corrections/amendments? The duration of corrections and amendments depends on your VIVA-VOCE results. The duration of correction is up to 6 months, and 12 months for re-examination.
  7. I want to apply for Appeal for Course Grade/Progress Report Review / Appeal Against Termination? What is the step to be followed? First, you have to fill up the application form PG-13a – Appeal for Course Grade/Progress Report Review (manual form) or PG-13 – Appeal Against Termination. Then, pay the processing fee RM50 at the Bursar Counter, Ground Floor, Chancellery Building, UMT. Receipt of payment must be attached to your form for your application to be processed.
  8. When can I know that I have been conferred with the research degree? After you have submitted your hardbound thesis, We will prepare your document for graduation to be endorsed by the University Senate. After the endorsement, We will issue the Senate Letter.
  9. Can I join the Convocation after collecting of the degree certificate? Yes you can. However, you will only be accepting an empty Convocation Folder during the ceremony because you have already collected the certificate.


  1. Do you offer scholarships or academic assistantships? UMT awards assistantship to all qualified Malaysian candidates especially those who register for their MSc and PhD degree in Research Mode. The assistantships usually covers tuition fee and a monthly stipend for up to six semesters depending on the study programme. For further information on financial assistance & scholarships, please go to http://postgrad.umt.edu.my/?page_id=114


  1. Is there any workspace provided for postgraduate students in UMT? Yes, beside the workspace provided by the school/institute, you may apply for a workspace from the Postgraduate Management Centre (PPS). There are three workspaces managed by PPS which are:
    i. Graduate Room 1
    – For female and male students
    – Air conditioned
    – Free Wi-Fi
    ii. Graduate Room 2
    – For female and male students
    – Air conditioned
    – Free Wi-Fi
    iii. Graduate Room 3
    – For female and male students
    – Air conditioned
    – Free Wi-Fi
  2. How do we apply for this workstation and how much it will cost? You may use the workstation for FREE. However, you need to fill up the form at PPS before entering the room.