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Registration Day for Postgraduate Students Semester 1, 2019/20 Session UMT

To all postgraduates,
Registration Day for Postgraduate Students Semester 1, 2019/20 Sessionwill be as below:-
Following document(s) is required during registration day:
(a) A proof of payment for outstanding fees (if any);
(b) A proof of payment for current tuition fees;
[UMT, Postgraduate Fee Rules and Regulations, Section 7: Tuition Fee Payment Procedure] (c) A proof letter of viva voce from respective faculty/institute (for those who are waiting for viva examination/in the thesis correction progress);
[UMT, Postgraduate Fee Rules and Regulations, Section 10: Tuition Fee after Submission of Thesis for Examination (Viva Voce)] (d) A clearance slip (applicable for international students only).

In a case you are incapable to come physically for registration, you are required to submit document(s) (a)-(d) (which applicable) to Postgraduate Section, Centre for Academic Management and Quality  via email (gso@umt.edu.my) to confirm your registration. All postgraduates by research mode must register within ONE (1) MONTH from the date stated above while postgraduates by coursework mode, not later than ONE (1) WEEK after the commencement of the semester.

Method of payment for online banking:

1-      Using JOMPAY > Biller Code: 1230 > Ref 1: No. IC/Passport > Ref 2: Matric Number

2-      Using CIMBClick > Pay&Transfer > Transfer Money > 8601751742 > insert Matric Number


Application for deferment of study can be made VIA ONLINE (Please follow up your application) within ONE (1) MONTH from the registration date. Failure to perform a continuous registration, a TERMINATION LETTER will be issued by the University. Starting Semester 1 2016/17 Session, a physical notification letter for continuous registration will not be released, unless requested otherwise.
Further inquiry, please contact us. Thank you.


— Best Regards,
Postgraduate Section
Centre for Academic Management and Quality (PPAK)
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)
21030 Kuala Nerus, Terengganu, Malaysia
Tel : +00609-668 4287/4428/4141
Fax: +00609-668 4148
Website: http://postgrad.umt.edu.my/
Online Application: http://gsea.umt.edu.my
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